July 17, 2018

Welder Fabricator - Jobs In Guelph

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Here's a chance to have some variety in your day.  Tired of use your super skills for tedious unrewarding work? Like to challenge of solving puzzles and figuring out a new way to fix a problem?

Come and use your aluminum and stainless skills to create cool stuff for some sick trucks. We do some pretty nifty things around here and good really use a skilled welder/creator/fabricator to custom build parts and pieces for use on the show truck end. There will be some other welding in-between but there is still a wide scope of fun things to do around here.

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Its in the Details

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Hey wanna some fun and get paid by the hour, collect a pay-cheque every week? Wanna turn a pig into a racehorse? Well you just maybe in the right place, if you are not afraid of big trucks, have patience and attention to detail. This is a simple yet creative position where rubber gloves and a scrub brush will be at your side through out your busy day.

We buy used trucks, they need to be cleaned. The candidate will be required to hop in the cab and wash from top to bottom the cab and sleeper. Using a pressure washer and cleaning up the outside is the half of the gig. We only want someone with a safety minded and reliable mindset. Its a fun crew that work here, but you will be pretty well on your own, so self managing time skills are an asset. This job is fun enough for girls and boys so don't worry if you have no experiance with transport trucks... although its always handy, we can teach you a few things of course.

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Jobs in Guelph - Welder Fabricator

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